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  • “Telling Our Stories, Growing Our Economy”

    “Telling Our Stories, Growing Our Economy”

    A research on The Ontario Culture Strategy by Alek Phan

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  • A Day in Warden Wood Community Center

    A Day in Warden Wood Community Center

    I was working at Warden Wood Community Center as a part of my practicum subject. The day unfolded with unexpected events, adding an element of spontaneity and joy. Seniors were already present during our setup, an unplanned open-mic session unexpectedly became a favorite activity, and shift calendar became chaotic towards the event’s end brought a […]

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  • Teaching Arts to Children

    Teaching Arts to Children

    As an artist educator, it’s important to be aware of social settings within their immediate environment. For instance, consider scenarios such as two 5-year-old children sculpting with clay together, where one child, who is white, curiously asks their black peer whether everyone in her family also has weird hair; or in a theater play, a […]

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  • Accessibility In Arts

    Accessibility In Arts

    Understanding the concepts of “accessibility” in Canadian arts education has profoundly impacted my perspective. I want to share with you my approach to the arts back home. In my home country, visual arts, music, and dancing were confined to extracurricular or specialized classes. A child expressing strong interest in a particular aspect would be directed […]

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