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I am an artist, creative producer, and digital culture advocate. I use drawings, paintings, photographs, videos and creative writings as a mean of storytelling to help people build connections with one another and develop a sense of community.

I enjoy utilizing virtual reality & digital media as my mediums of expression

Visitors can immerse themselves in a virtual painting where they can explore the artwork at their own pace. Through zooming in and out, visitors will discover diverse perspectives—envision oneself as minuscule, where even a flower petal seems colossal, or take on the role of a dragonfly fluttering amid the blossoms.

My oeuvre theme conveys an idea of connection to Eastern artistic practices and cultural heritages. Since 2017, I have been involved in arts education and community-engaged arts work.

20+ Creating anything for more than 20 minutes helps reduce cortisol level and allow you to relax. The best part is previous art experience is not required to reap these benefits.

45+ Practicing art makes us feel good about ourselves and builds a sense of accomplishment in just 45 minutes. It validates our unique ability to turn ideas into something physical.

Initially, I partnered with various organizations to bring art education and community-engaged arts projects to a wider audience, reaching people from different backgrounds. I had the opportunity to organize ArtFest in 2019 to promote art and cultural awareness. ArtFest was considered a success with over 600 visitors from different regions in Vietnam. We provided media exposure for 25 local artists by showcasing their artworks and creative workshops.