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Understanding the concepts of “accessibility” in Canadian arts education has profoundly impacted my perspective.
I want to share with you my approach to the arts back home. In my home country, visual arts, music, and dancing were confined to extracurricular or specialized classes. A child expressing strong interest in a particular aspect would be directed towards specialization, resulting in a more skillset-oriented arts education. This approach underscores why arts classes were highly specialized in Vietnam.

In Canada, the arts are accessible to everyone, advocating for a more inclusive and generic curriculum that caters to diverse skillsets and interests. Beyond the art itself, children and youth are nurtured to be curious about the world, fostering an early appreciation for diverse cultural backgrounds. This exposure extends to nuances like language, providing a deeper understanding of inclusivity. It is evident that Canada’s approach to arts, education, and culture has seamlessly integrated diversity into every facet, contributing to its well-deserved reputation.

By Alek Phan

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