Some women may face challenges when it comes to taking care of their mental health. Located in Kitchener, Ontario (CA), 10AM Saigon provides a calm and enjoyable environment where one can explore self-expression through artistic creativity and meaningful conversations.

We offer art engagement, educational workshops, exhibitions, and creative activities to help our clients ignite a passion for art.

Our Artist

Phan Trúc

Since 2017, I have been involved in arts education and community-engaged arts work. Initially, I began guiding art lessons as a way to share my passion for art with others. In addition to offering workshops at my studio, I also partnered with various organizations to bring art education and community-engaged arts projects to a wider audience, reaching people from different backgrounds.
One of the most memorable experiences was hosting an Art and Cultural Exchange for the faculty of Dallas College (USA) during their Fulbright-Hay to Vietnam. This was a unique opportunity to exchange cross-cultural ideas. I was grateful for the opportunity to share my knowledge and learn from others.
In addition, I had the opportunity to organize ArtFest in 2019 to promote art and cultural awareness. Despite the challenges of organizing such an ambitious event with a small team of two, ArtFest was considered a success with over 600 visitors from different regions in Vietnam. We provided media exposure for 25 local artists by showcasing their artworks and creative workshops. 
Overall, my experience with arts has been a wonderful journey that allows me to share my passion, collaborate with many other artists and make a positive impact in my community.